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Build your Web Site!

  • Customizable Product Catalog
  • Professional Layout and Design
  • WYSIWYG Web Site Editing Tools
  • Site Promotion Tool
  • Live Technical Support
  • Domain Name Registration
  • eCommerce Tools
  • and much much more...
  • more features
About Us

Let's put it simple:
Centrix does websites that work!


Because since the beginning of the project we plan for a successful website. We not only can develop the website from scratch but also make sure it achieves the objective for which it was built.

We believe that to have a successful website you need to:

  1. Have a good website
  2. Have traffic to it
  3. Constantly deliver new content of value to that traffic
  4. Do all of the above at a very low cost,

and that's what we deliver!

Who We Are

Centrix Corp., was born in Cali, Colombia in 1993 and since then it has been proudly working to help companies be more productive using internet and telecommunications technologies to their favor.  From its headquarters in the beautiful Weston, Florida (15 miles north of Miami), Centrix Corp. contributes to the success of companies in North, Central and South America and Europe.

Our History

Centrix was born as the sister company to Informática Administrativa, which since 1985 had become one of the largest software distributors in Colombia.  Conception of Centrix came in 1993 due to the vision of its founder partners of the immense opportunities of the technological changes to come and was conceived to provide solutions of those "new futuristic technologies" called Multimedia and The Internet, long before these became popular.  Centrix was one of the first few companies in South America offering website design. Its own first website was live in 1995.

Since then Centrix has been proudly providing professional ecommerce-ready bilingual web sites at do-it-yourself prices. From the beginning, main activities have been centered in the construction of complete industry-specific ecommerce-enabled websites at prices you will hardly believe.

In 1999, Centrix Corp. opens operations based in Miami and with key partners started offering solutions with features found nowhere else allowing you to and your business have and control your own website in a matter of minutes and at a very low cost, including ecommerce, site promotion tools, email marketing tools, and much more at a very low monthly cost.

Centrix is and has always been in the website development business helping its clients to have websites that work. Out there you will find companies that in addition to websites, they also offer business card printing, banner designs, computer repair, etc. Go with the experts! Go with the ones that really know how to take care of your internet presence needs. Go with Centrix!